Therapy will help you unpack and reorganize how you understand yourself, the circumstances around you, and what you need to navigate the stuck spots.



Individual Therapy

Experience a greater sense of
well-being and find the resilience you need to Shift your life forward...

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy can create the connection your relationship is longing for...

Psychological Assessment

There is power in knowledge.
Gain an understanding of
your unique learning profile,
and determine eligibility for support services...


Therapeutic topics might include, but are not limited to:

Adolescent & Teen Therapy / Anger Management / Anxiety, Panic & Phobia / Addiction & Substance Abuse / Attention Deficit Disorder / Body Image & Eating / Disorders / Burn Out & Work Stress / Blended Family / Issues / Career & Life Transitions / Child Counselling Couples Therapy/Marriage Counselling / Depression & / Suicide / Disability/Ability Issues / Divorce, Separation & Custody Issues / Grief & Loss / Learning Disabilities / LGBT, Gender & Sexual Orientation / Low Self-Esteem & Confidence / Motivation & Procrastination / Obsessive Compulsive Disorder / Parenting and Parent-Child Conflict / Personal Growth and Wellness / Psychoeducational Assessments / Sexuality and Sexual Difficulties / Sleep Disorders / Stress & Pain Management / Trauma, Abuse & Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) / Workshops and Group Therapy