Couples Therapy

At Shift, we want your relationship to thrive.

Couples therapy is a powerful process that will help you achieve the closeness you have been longing for. It will help you heal broken bonds, improve communication, and gain an awareness for what you and your relationship need.

When is it time to seek couples therapy? Anytime. Seeking support to heal broken trust, strengthen connection, or deepen intimacy are just a few reasons why couples benefit from therapy. Often couples wait until separation feels like the only option, and while this is a sure sign for help, it is a good idea to pursue counselling when initial feelings of disconnect begin. If you are feeling misunderstood or unvalued, or are having communication breakdowns, and perhaps starting to question your love, then getting guidance can protect the relationship from further harm. Even without distress, being curious about how your partnership can be the best it can be is also is fruitful.

Honour your love by challenging it to be extraordinary.

What is love? According to new and exciting love research, the answer begins with a secure adult attachment bond, and from there it is up to the couple to decide their own unique blend. If the bond is secure, then the sky's the limit.  If it is insecure, then there is often tension, despair, and disconnect.

Love research shows that when couples experience a secure bond, partners have improved physical health and psychological wellness, including life success and satisfaction. This is more proof that human connection is vital to our existence.

Fact: when we have the support of a partner we can endure more physical pain and climb higher mountains, literally!